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Reynaldo Bignone

Reynaldo Benito Bignone is a retired general who served as dictatorial President of Argentina from July 1, 1982 to December 10, 1983. As of 2009, he is under house arrest (due to his age) for crimes during the Dirty War. clarin cumple arresto domiciliario

Reynaldo Benito Antonio Bignone Ramayon was born in the western Buenos Aires suburb of Moron in 1928. Enlisting in the Argentine Army in 1947, he enrolled at the prestigious National War College, and was stationed in Spain. Bignone returned to Argentina to be named head of the VI Infantry Regiment in 1964. An August 1975 reshuffling of the Armed Forces High Command by President Isabel Peron resulted in the appointment of General Jorge Videla to the post of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. A quiet career military officer, Videla brought with him a number of proteges, among them Brigadier General Bignone, whom Videla named Secretary of the Joint Chiefs.

Worsening economic and security conditions helped trigger a March 24, 1976 coup d'etat against the hapless Mrs. Peron and, on March 28, Bignone led a regiment into the Alejandro Posadas Hospital in the western Buenos Aires suburb of Haedo. Converting a wing in the respected medical facility into the "Chalet" (one of 340 detention centers operated by Argentina's last dictatorship), among the disappeared there were a number of the hospital's own staff. His quiet administration of the facility earned him a promotion as head of "Area 480", a larger detention center in Argentina's most important military training base, the Campo de Mayo. Bignone was made Director of Military Institutes by de facto President Videla in 1980.

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