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Ramallo massacre

The Ramallo massacre occurred on September 17, 1999 in Ramallo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, when three armed persons went into the local offices of the Banco de la Nacion Argentina, taking six hostages. After several hours, they tried to escape in a car, using the bank manager and an accountant as human shields, and holding the manager's wife. A few meters ahead, a special group of the provincial police, the BEOH, killed one of the suspects and the two hostages. Another suspect, Martin Saldana, was later found hanged in his cell; though it was assumed that he had committed suicide, in January 2007 new research showed that he had been murdered, possibly by first hitting him in the head, rendering him unconscious, and then strangling him.

Doubts about the police behaviour arose after the whole country saw the special unit of the police deliberately shooting the car with hostages inside. Unconfirmed speculations suggest that this particular office of the bank stored documents that were not to be made public, possibly connected with the recent death of President Carlos Menem's son Carlos Menem Jr., who died in a strange helicopter accident in March 1995 .

After the massacre, several government officials blamed the media coverage for the tragic outcome, accusing journalists of an unprofessional treatment of the news. The provincial governor Eduardo Duhalde claimed that negotiations may have been negatively affected by the assailants' constant communication with radio and television reporters.


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