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Pedro Eugenio Aramburu

Pedro Eugenio Aramburu Cilveti Army General. Born in Rio Cuarto, Cordoba on May 21, 1903. He was a major force behind the military coup against Juan Peron in 1955. He became president of Argentina from November 13, 1955 to May 1, 1958. He was kidnapped by the radical organization known as Montoneros on May 29, 1970, and murdered, allegedly in retaliation for his involvement in the June 1956 execution of General Juan Jose Valle, an Army officer associated with the Peronist movement.

In September 1955, Aramburu participated in a military coup called the "Revolucion Libertadora". He led the hardliners, and assumed the Presidency of Argentina himself, on November 13, 1955, with the support of Admiral Isaac ["El Caballo"] Rojas, who became Vice-President.

The "Revolucion Libertadora" which overthrew Juan Domingo Peron was triggered in part by the Peron's public confrontation with the Catholic Church over divorce laws, his actions towards the Press and the Ambassador of the United States, Spruille Braden as well as the imprisonment opposition leaders and economic instability. The Revolucion Libertadora led to three years of military rule under Aramburu, who allowed elections to be held in 1958 (won by Arturo Frondizi.)

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