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A pebete is a simple Argentine sandwich, traditionally filled with cheese, cured meat, tomato and mayonnaise. The term pebete actually refers to the bread used for the sandwich; a soft oval bun with a spongy inside, and a thin toasted crust.

The name is colloquially believed to have come from PBT (pronounced pe-be-te in Spanish), an acronym for pan (bread), beicon (bacon), tomate (tomato), much like the North American BLT sandwich, though it is more probably from the lunfardo term for young boy, itself from Catalan pevet. http://buscon.rae.es/draeI/SrvltObtenerHtml?LEMA=pebete&SUPIND=0&CAREXT=10000&NEDIC=No#0_1 Buscon.rae.es

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