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Pacto de Olivos

The Olivos Pact refers to a series of documents signed on November 17, 1993, between the governing President of Argentina, Carlos Menem, and former President and leader of the opposition UCR, Raul Alfonsin, that formed the basis of the constitutional reform of 1994. These memoranda of understanding were signed in the official presidential residence, the Quinta de Olivos.

Before that constitutional reform, the presidential mandate had a length of six years, and a president could not have two consecutive terms. In an attempt to remain in power, Menem negotiated with Alfonsin for support in calling for constitutional reform and the re-election clause. In exchange, among other points, the government would grant autonomy to the city of Buenos Aires, which would have its own magistrature.

In spite of opposition from different sectors, particularly within Alfonsin's own UCR, the constitutional reform took place mostly as expected by Menem and Alfonsin, with Menem winning re-election as President in 1995, followed by UCR Senator Fernando de la Rua's election as Mayor of Buenos Aires in 1996.

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