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Pablo Kleinman

Pablo Kleinman is an Argentine-born American entrepreneur and journalist, pioneer of the development of online services in Latin America. He graduated from the University of Southern California School of International Relations and went on to study at the London Business School and at the HEC School of Management in Paris, where he obtained an MBA.

In 1986, at age 15, Pablo set up an electronic bulletin board system (BBS) in Buenos Aires called "TCC: The Computer Connection" which was one of the first in the region and the first to run under a Microsoft-designed platform. A year later, TCC became FidoCenter, the first node of the worldwide FidoNet network in Latin America. Pablo Kleinman was the Coordinator of FidoNet for the whole of Latin America (FidoNet's Zone 4) between 1987 and 1991. During that period, FidoNet became the largest public-access computer network in the region. It grew throughout the different countries in the region and reached several hundreds of access points in dozens of Latin American cities. Kleinman was also the author of WorldPol, a policy proposal that was published originally in 1991 and constituted the first democratic organization proposal in cyberspace.

Many of the original participants of FidoNet in Latin America became the pioneers of the Internet in the following years. Kleinman was an active participant of the first Spanish-language newsgroups and was one of the founders of several of the Usenet groups dedicated to Latin American countries. Shortly after and during the following ten years, Kleinman participated in the founding of several online services companies.

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