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Onesided livebearer

Jenynsia is a genus of freshwater fishes in the family Anablepidae. Like Anableps species, they are onesided livebearers: they only mate on one side, right-"handed" males with left-"handed" females and vice versa. These fish are viviparous.


Species of the genus are distributed in the La Plata River Basin and Atlantic coastal drainages from Rio Negro Province, Argentina, to the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and in the Andean drainages of northwest Argentina and southern Bolivia.


Jenynsia is the sister group to the genus Anableps and both are classified in the subfamily Anablepinae; together with the genus Oxyzygonectes they compose the family Anablepidae. Jenynsia contains two subgenera. Members of the subgenus Plesiojenysia Ghedotti, 1998, are distributed in the uplands of southern Brazil. Members of the subgenus Jenynsia are more widely distributed in southern South America, with one species, J. sanctaecatarinae also found in the uplands of southern Brazil. Members of the two subgenera are partially sympatric in southeastern Brazil.


Unlike their cousins Anableps, their eyes are normal. Jenynsia species are diagnosable by the possession of an unscaled tubular

gonopodium formed chiefly by the third, sixth, and seventh anal-fin rays and by the possession of tricuspid teeth in the outer mandibular series in adults. The maximum length in these species is up to 12 centimetres in females and about 4 cm in males.


Subgenera and species according to Ghedotti, 2001 and Lucinda et al., 2006.

Subgenus Jenynsia

Jenynsia alternimaculata

Jenynsia lineata

Jenynsia maculata Regan, 1906

Rio de la Plata onesided livebearer, Jenynsia multidentata

Jenynsia onca Lucinda, Reis & Quevedo, 2002

Jenynsia pygogramma Boulenger, 1902

Jenynsia sanctaecatarinae Ghedotti & Weitzman, 1996

Jenynsia tucumana Aguilera & Mirande, 2005

Subgenus Plesiojenynsia Ghedotti, 1998

Jenynsia diphyes Lucinda, Ghedotti & Graca, 2006

Jenynsia eigenmanni

Jenynsia eirmostigma Ghedotti & Weitzman, 1995

Jenynsia unitaenia Ghedotti & Weitzman, 1995

Jenynsia weitzmani Ghedotti, Meisner & Lucinda, 2001

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