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National Technological University

The National Technological University is a National University of Argentina, specializing in engineering and exact sciences. Hosting over 75,000 students, its student body is comparable to Argentina's third-largest university (the National University of La Plata) and exceeded significantly only by the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) . Its 29 branches are located around the country.

The engineering courses taught at most of those locations are:

Aeronautical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronic Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Information Systems

Mechanical Engineering

Students completing a five calendar-year program (typically after passing 45 final exams) earn an engineering degree. The curriculum has been going through a modernization focused on analytic programs ("adecuacion curricular"), and in 2004, UTN had twenty-four thousand students in information systems engineering; some careers have passed through a certification process ordered by the government.

Research and Development is conducted in 16 official centers. Some of the areas these centers specialize in are: Chemical Engineering, Information Technology, Energy research, Environmental Science, Robotics, Mechanics, and Construction Engineering.

It is the only public university in the country with such a strong focus on engineering, and almost every academic course offers an Engineering degree. Many of the available courses have an intermediate diploma, as well. The university also offers a broad range of courses at the graduate level, including those of Specialist, Master and Doctor (PhD).

Graduating almost 50% of the new engineers in Argentina, the UTN's projections indicate that this proportion will reach 75% by 2012. Due to its strongly federalized approach, it is the only university with campuses across the country.


The National Technological University was established as the National Workers' University by Law 13229, signed by President Juan Peron on August 19, 1948. It was created to cover the lack of technical specialists in the country at that time. The degree granted was that of Factory Engineer, and in many specialties.

The university evolved rapidly. The necessity of professionals with deeper acknowledge was accomplice by big academic and organizational changes. By 1954 the University had 9 branches already. Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, Rosario, Santa Fe, Bahia Blanca, La Plata, Tucuman and Avellaneda.

On October 14, 1959, the university was renamed as the National Technological University by law 14855. This marks the official beginning of the university as we know it now.

Since then, more than 30,000 degrees in engineering have been granted. Today, the university maintains a strong network of international cooperation, and over 75 overseas institutions have signed cooperation agreements with the UTN.


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