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National Autonomist Party

The National Autonomist Party (Partido Autonomista Nacional - PAN) was an Argentine political party during the 1874-1916 period. Created on March 15, 1874 by the union of the Autonomista Party of Adolfo Alsina and the National party of Nicolas Avellaneda. Its principal figure was Julio Argentino Roca, twice president of Argentina.

Representing the Porteno upper classes, the PAN ruled with a paternalistic leadership maintaining its grip on power through the so-called electoral machine, metaphor for electoral fraudArgentina 11516-1987 by David Rock - Chapter IV.

In economic matters it promoted the agricultural exports model, which favored the cattle and cereal producers of the pampas and was a key in the development of the Argentine Railroad.

After the 1890 Revolucion del Parque, an opposing movement started inside the PAN opposed to the policies of Roca, which became known as the National Autonomist Party (modern faction) (PAN - linea modernista), which proposed and institutional modernization of the country, with goals towards opening up a true democratic system without electoral fraud as a means of perpetuating the party's power. Most preeminent in this political current were Roque Saenz Pena, Carlos Pellegrini, Ramon J. Carcano, among others. Under the administration of Roque Saenz Pena, a law was written to allow for universal suffrage, secret and mandatory, which permitted the free elections of 1916.

Its principal opposition was the Radical Civic Union , created after the 1890 revolution. After the electoral reform of 1912, and the presidential elections of 1916, which was won by the UCR, the PAN disappeared from politics.

Presidents from the PAN:

Nicolas Avellaneda (1874 - 1880)

Julio Argentino Roca

Miguel Juarez Celman (1886-1890)

Carlos Pellegrini (1890-1892)

Luis Saenz Pena (1892-1895)

Jose Evaristo Uriburu (1895-1898)

Manuel Quintana (1904-1906)

Jose Figueroa Alcorta (1906-1910)

Roque Saenz Pena (1910-1914)

Victorino de la Plaza (1914-1916)

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