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Miramar, Buenos Aires Province

Miramar is an Argentine city located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Buenos Aires Province, south of Buenos Aires. It is the capital of General Alvarado Partido.

Miramar was planned as a city for children and families, with open spaces, and is known in Spanish as la Ciudad de los Ninos y de las bicicletas (the city of children and bicycles).


1870: The land that now forms General Alvarado Partido came into the ownership of Fortunato de La Plaza.

1879: The area changes jurisdiction from Balcarce to General Pueyrredon.

1887: It was around this time the project to build Miramar was undertaken by Jose Maria Dupuy, Romulo Otamendi (engineer) and of course the owner of the land: Fortunato de la Plaza.

1888: Miramar was founded on 20 September.

1889: Construction began on the first church in Miramar.

1891: The Partido of General Alvarado was created on September 29, with Miramar as its capital.

1911: The Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway arrived in Miramar and the company later built a comfortable hotel and adjoining golf course in the town.

1920: The first aeroplane arrives in Miramar.

1927: The Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway began the construction of the Miramar golf course.

1930: The hotel Dormy House was built adjacent to the golf course by the Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway and later a tunnel was built to provide access to the sea from the hotel


The summer tourist season provides the most significant contribution to the economy of Miramar. Other economic activities include farming and related agricultural industries.


Miramar Golf Course.

Museo Punta Hermengo, museum.

Vivero F. Ameghino, 5.02 km of woodland.

Aero Club de la ciudad de Miramar, Aerodrome.

Autodromo Roberto Hirch de Miramar, 1.47/1.72 km motor racing venue.

The farm circuit, knows as "Mar y Pampa" near 37 Avenue has nice places, specially on weekends

Vivero Dunicola "Florentino Ameghino"

The dunes: 12 km of sand beaches - South of Miramar. There is a possibility to take a truck to know this incredible places and practise sandboard.

The "Medano Blanco" (white dune), one of the tallest and close to "La Totora" brook.

The coastline between Miramar and Mar del Plata (40km), has incredible landscapes with beaches, cliffs, brooks and wood.

Other attractions include the rivers Durazno and Brusquitas, an ecological reserve and a number of beaches.


Surf: Many good breaks, one of which is famous throughout South America

Golf: The course is of the well-known Scotch type.

Fishing: by the coast, on board or in "La Ballenera" lagoon.

Trekking: Especially in the forest ("El Vivero"), guide is recommended

Mountain biking: Miramar is the point of the international circuits of mountain bike in Argentina, like "Panamerican Games"

Horseback Riding: alone or with a guide, one can rent horses on weekends.

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