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Marambio Base


Base Antartica Marambio is the main Argentine base in Antarctica, and it is located in Seymour-Marambio Island, at , some 100 km (88 mi) from Esperanza Base. It was the first airfield in Antarctica and is still one of the most frequently used ones due to the suitability of its airfield for wheeled landing.

This permanent base, founded on October 29, 1969, was named after Argentine Air Force pilot Vice-Commodore Gustavo Argentino Marambio, one of the first pilots flying over Antarctica.

Prior to the base's foundation a team led by Vice-Commodore Mario Luis Olezza built the 1200m (3800ft) long, 40m (120ft) wide landing track, the first one in the continent. Nowadays, the track, oriented 05/23, is equipped with VOR, DME and NDB electronic landing systems. It also has a radio beacon, electronic and flashing beacons. Supplies are taken to Marambio Base during the whole year, to be later distributed to other Argentine bases nearby (except for Belgrano II). There are over 100 intercontinental flights every year.

Although the Argentine Air Force C-130 Hercules TC-61 commanded by Commodore Arturo Athos Gandolfi was the first airplane to land in Marambio, the Fokker F-28 Fellowship presidential aircraft T-01 Patagonia is quoted the first jet to land at the Antarctic when it touched down at Marambio, on 28 July 1973, 13:28 h.

The base has 27 buildings in a total area of 4,278 m, of which 1,155 are used for accommodation. The 45 m medical suite is attended by one doctor and three paramedics, and has three beds and X-ray facilities. 492,000 litres of Arctic gasoil are used every year for transportation, and the four power generators with a capacity of 1,000 kW. The base also has a sewage treatment plant.

Seasonal information

The average temperatures at the base are -1.5 C during the summer, and 15 C during the winter, though strong winds can lower the apparent temperature down to 60 C.

In winter the base has an average of 55 crew members, but in summer the population of the base can grow to 150.


The base is connected to the continent (and the world) through a satellite downlink station with telephone, fax, TV and Internet. Argentine mobile telephone companies Claro and Movistar have an antenna for local coverage. Within the base, and between bases, radio is the most used mains of communication, mainly HF, Vox/Data, VHF-AM (aeronautic) and UHF-FM.

Internet connection is provided by Speedy Argentina, allowing the personnel in the base to be permanently connected. Wireless LAN and Wi-Fi covers the entire complex, becoming one of the southernmosts spots in the world with a wireless network. Public telephony is available at low national rates.

In September 2006, a GSM mobile phone network was also added to the base, operated by the Argentine mobile operator CTI Movil (Now Claro).

Science activities

Among others, the base's main activities include cosmic ray observations, glaciology

, ionospheric/auroral observations, stratospheric ozone monitoring

, geodesy Zakrajsek A.F., and Peretti, A. (1997) Geodetic Monumentation in Antarctic Permafrost, Marambio (Seymour) Island and meteorological observations.

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