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Manuel de Sarratea

Manuel de Sarratea, , was an Argentine diplomat, politician and soldier.

Sarratea was educated in Madrid. He returned to the country to work as a diplomat. He participated in the May Revolution of 1810 and per advice from Belgrano he was named ambassador in Rio de Janeiro. When the Primera Junta was dissolved, he returned and took part on the following government body, the so-called First Triumvirate. One of the Triumvirate's political accomplishments was a treaty signed with vicerroy Francisco Javier de Elio, where the Banda Oriental (present-day Uruguay was ceded to the crown.

In 1812, after the change of government in Montevideo, the treaty was broken and the war against the royalists in the city was resumed. Most of the Criollo soldiers had abandoned the territory, following their caudillo, Jose Artigas. Sarratea took charge of the army in the Banda Oriental, making his primary mission to get back the troops from Artigas. He attempted to convince him and when this failed he attempted to bribe him, also without success. He then declared declaro Artigas a traitor but this measure was rejected by the rest of the Triumvirate.

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