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Los Fronterizos

Los Fronterizos is an Argentine musical ensemble consisting of four men. The group was established in 1953 in the northern province of Salta -- bordering on Bolivia -- from which "Los Fronterizos" ("men of the frontier") is derived.

Los Fronterizos are among the most famous Argentine musical ensembles. They have recorded over thirty records throughout the more than fifty years in which they were active. Their genre is Folklore Argentino ("Argentine Folk") which blends powerful, vibrant rhythms from the Spanish Flamenco with indigenous South American elements such as the Andean flute, or quena. The latter is a hallmark of the Musica Andina genre which became well known in the U.S with Simon & Garfunkel's English version of "El Condor Pasa". Some of the Fronterizos' most famous records are Personalidad en Folklore (circa 1962), Color en Folklore, and Ariel Ramirez' Misa Criolla (1964 and 1977). In most songs, the band's instrumentation includes acoustic guitars and bombo leguero (a large indigenous drum), and occasionally, charango and quena.

Los Fronterizos' success may be attributed to their touching melodies written by some of Argentina's best song writers and to their remarkable harmony and rare combination of voices .

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