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List of National Historic Monuments of Argentina

The National Historic Monuments of Argentina are buildings, sites and features in Argentina listed by national decree as historic sites. This designation encourages greater protection under the oversight of the Comision Nacional de Museos, Monumentos y Lugares Historicos , created in 1940. In addition, provinces also have local lists of historic monuments.

There are approximately 400 buildings or sites on the list. Most are buildings or sites from the pre-Hispanic or Colonial periods and some are battlefields and other locations associated with the independence of the country. In recent years the government has been making efforts to include sites on the list that reflect the country's industrial and immigrant heritage.

The Commission has been criticised for not doing enough to preserve the buildings on the list, and only declaring sites as monuments after they have been altered or partly demolished 'Emergencia patrimonial en Argentina' by Arq. Fabio Grementieri, Patrimonio en Peligro, accessed 2006-08-09. .

Buenos Aires City

Cafe Tortoni

Casa Rosada (Government House) (late 19th century)

Buenos Aires Botanical Garden

Buenos Aires Cabildo (17th century)

Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral (18th & 19th century)

The 'May Pyramid' monument in the Plaza de Mayo (1811)

Obelisk of Buenos Aires (1936)

Argentine National Congress (1906)

Enclosure of the old National Congress (1864)

Teatro Colon

Our Lady of the Rosary Basilica and Santo Domingo Convent (late 18th century)

House of Bartolome Mitre (18th century)

House of Domingo Sarmiento (1860)

House of Esteban de Luca

Central Post Office (Palacio de Correos) (1928)

San Roque Chapel (late 18th century)

San Miguel Church (1788)

San Juan Church (1797)

San Pedro Telmo Church (1734)

San Ignacio Church, Manzana de las Luces (1722)

Former Jesuit buildings, Manzana de las Luces (1730/1780)

Galerias Pacifico

Antonio Ballve Penitentiary Museum in former monastic hospital and women's prison

San Francisco Basilica (1754)

Barolo Palace (1923)

San Martin Palace (1909) 'El Gobierno declaro lugar historico la Avenida de Mayo', Clarin, 1997-05-07.

Montserrat Church (1865)

Former Convent of the Mercedarios (first half 18th century)

Basilica of Our Lady of Mercy (1779)

Casa de la Cultura (before 1993 this building housed La Prensa newspaper since its construction in 1898)

Elorriaga Heights (approx. 1820)

Confiteria El Molino

Pizzurno (or 'Sarmiento') Palace, Pasaje Pizzurno (1888)

Kavanagh building (1935)

Palacio de Justicia

Avellaneda Bridge

Museum of Immigration (Hotel de Inmigrantes)

Fragata Sarmiento

Corbeta Uruguay

Head office of the Banco de la Nacion Argentina

Cervantes Theater

Jose Tiburcia Borda Municipal Hospital

Seat of the Federacion de Asociaciones Catolicas de Empleadas (FACE), Calle Sarmiento

Federal firing range, Avenida Libertador

National Music Centre (former National Library)

Palais de Glace

Museum of the Suit Industry

Barracks, buildings and gardens of the General San Martin Regiment of Horse Grenadiers, Palermo

Property known as Los Altos de Elorriaga at Defensa and Alsina, and the house of Maria Josefa Ezcurra de Ezcurra on Alsina

Exhibition Area of La Sociedad Rural, Palermo

Naval Observatory of Argentina, Avenida Espana

Embassy of the United Kingdom

Building of the Banco Hipotecario SA

Naval Station of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Port

Club de Pescadores (Fishing Club)

Argentine Yacht Club

Headquarters of the Secular Franciscan Order

Our Lady of Balvanera

San Jose School, at Mitre and Peron

National Historical Museum

Buenos Aires Metro stations: on Line A - Plaza de Mayo, Peru, Piedras, Lima, Saenz Pena, Congreso, Pasco-Alberti and Plaza de Miserere; Line C - San Juan, Independencia, Moreno, Avenida de Mayo, Diagonal Norte, Lavalle and San Martin; Line D - Catedral, 9 de Julio, Tribunales, Facultad de Medicina, Aguero, Bulnes, Scalabrini Ortiz, Plaza Italia, Palermo; Line E - San Jose, Entre Rios, Pichincha, Jujuy, Urquiza and Boedo

President Roque Saenz Pena Teaching School, Avda. Cordoba

Buenos Aires Zoo

Buenos Aires Province

Avellaneda Bridge (see also Buenos Aires city)

Former building of the Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Bahia Blanca

Municipal Palace, Bahia Blanca

Hotel de Imigrantes, Bahia Blanca

Post and Telegraph building, Bahia Blanca

Tower of old fort, Carmen de Patagones

Church of Our Lady of Carmen, and tomb of Luis Piedrabuena, Carmen de Patagones

House of Bernardo Bartuille (now municipal house of culture), Carmen de Patagones

'La Carlota' House, Carmen de Patagones

House of the Rial family, known as Mitre House of Rial Ranch, Carmen de Patagones

Historic house of the Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Carmen de Patagones

House of Andres Garcia, Carmen de Patagones

House of Cardinal Juan Cagliero, Carmen de Patagones

Mariani-Teruggi House, La Plata

House of Ricardo Balbin, La Plata

Museum of Natural Sciences of La Plata

Curutchet House, La Plata

Church of Our Lady of Carmen, Lobos

Municipal Palace, Lobos

Social club (formerly seat of Sociedad Orfeon Lobense), Lobos

Cathedral (Basilica Our Lady of Peace) and Parish house, Lomas de Zamora

Municipal House, Lomas de Zamorra

School No. 1 'Bartolome Mitre', Lomas de Zamorra

Basilica of Our Lady of Lujan

Enrique Unzue Saturnine Institute, Mar del Plata

Our Lady of Pilar church, Pilar

House of Juan Manuel de Rosas, San Andres

Old Bridge, San Antonio de Areco

Parque Criollo and Ricardo Guiraldes Gaucho Museum, San Antonio de Areco

Pulperia 'La Blanqueada', San Antonio de Areco

Church of San Antonio de Padua, San Antonio de Areco

House of the municipal mayoralty, San Antonio de Areco

Estancia 'La Portena', San Antonio de Areco

Quinta Pueyrredon, San Isidro

Villa Ocampo, San Isidro (1890)

Church of the Holy Sacrament, Tandil

House of Domingo Sarmiento, Tigre

Tigre Club

Catamarca Province

Basilica Nuestra Senora del Valle, San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca

Church at Hualfin

Church of the Lord of Miracles, La TercenaArgentina: Its Museums (The Northwest), Argentine Tourism Secretariat, Editorial Delfos, 1999. ISBN 9509963682

San Jose church, Piedra Blanca

Birthplace of Friar Mamerto Esquiu, Piedra Blanca

Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary nr San Jose (1715)

Church of San Pedro, Fiambala (1770)

Ruins of religious buildings, Icano

Remains of Pucara de Aconquija, Ambato Department

Inca settlement at El Shincal de Quimivil, Belen Department

Pre-Hispanic settlement of Watungasta, Tinogasta Department

Chaco Province

Former government house (Carlos Chiesanova Police Museum), Resistencia Argentina: Its Museums (Littoral Region), Argentine Tourism Secretariat, Editorial Delfos, 1999. ISBN 987-9351-00-2

Former Frances Railway Station (Natural History Museum), Resistencia

Chubut Province

La Trochita, Esquel (1922-45)

Remains of Fort San Jose de la Candelaria, Gulf of San Jose

National Primary School No. 17 'Vicente Calderon', El Blanco, Cholila

Cordoba Province

Building of the Banco de la Provincia de Cordoba, Cordoba

Provincial legislature, Cordoba

Cordoba Cabildo (17th century)

Corrientes Province

Government House, Corrientes

Holy Cross of Miracles Church, Corrientes (1887)

Church of Santa Ana of the Guacara Indians, Santa Ana (1765)

Sanctuary of Santa Lucia

Estacion del Este (railway station) museum, Monte Caseros (1875)

Entre Rios Province

Cathedral of Parana

Nuestra Senora del Huerto school assembly hall (former seat of Argentine Senate), Parana

Palacio San Jose, nr Concepcion del Uruguay

Former Customs House, Concepcion del Uruguay

Formosa Province

Government House, Formosa

House of governor Ignacio Fotheringham (now 'Juan Pablo Douffard' provincial historic museum), Formosa (1887)

Jujuy Province

Cathedral of San Salvador de Jujuy

Government House, San Salvador de Jujuy

Cabildo (now Museum of Police History) of San Salvador de Jujuy

Santa Barbara church, San Salvador de Jujuy

San Francisco Chapel, Tilcara

Santa Rosa Church, Purmamarca

San Francisco Church, Uquia

La Pampa Province

El Castillo House in Parque Luro, Toay Department

La Rioja Province

The Padercitas, Cochangasta (a small granite temple) (1927)

Temple and Convent of Santo Domingo, La Rioja

Mendoza Province

Basilica of San Francisco, Mendoza (1875/93) Argentina: Its Museums (Cuyo Region), Argentine Tourism Secretariat, Editorial Delfos, 1999. ISBN 987-9351-02-9

Vaults of Uspallata, Las Heras Department (late 18th Century)

Chapel and Oratory of Alto Salvador, San Martin Department (1852)

Land, historic willow tree and chapel of the Plumerillo (Old Oratory of the Segura), Las Heras (1870)

The Rosario de Las Lagunas Chapel, Lavalle Department (1864)

Nuestra Senora del Rosario Chapel, Barrancas, Mendoza (late 18th Century)

House of former Governor Francisco Civit, Mendoza (1873)

House of Juan de la Cruz Videla, Cruz de Piedra, Maipu Department

National School Agustin Alvarez, Mendoza (1905)

La Virgen de la Carrodilla church, Lujan de Cuyo Department

Three Casas del Rey or hovels of Uspallata (refuges for messengers), Las Cuevas Department (1765/70)

Ruins of the Malal Hue Fort (1846) and the Rufino Ortega Historic Mill (1885), Malargue

Ruins of San Rafael del Diamante Fort, Villa 25 de Mayo, San Rafael Department (1805)

Ruins of the Jesuit church of San Francisco, Mendoza (1716/31)

Water point and stone bridge de los Espanoles, Lujan de Cuyo (1788-91)

Former Bodega Arizu, Godoy Cruz (1888-1910)

Former Bodega Arizu, Villa Atuel, San Rafael

Panquehua Bodega and vineyards, Las Heras (1827-1918), plus contents

Giol and Gargantini workers' and supervisers' huts, Maipu (1910)

Site of the Estancia de los Molina, General Ortega district, Maipu

Hydraulic mill at Upsallata Estancia, Las Heras

Farm of General San Martin, San Martin Department (1823)

The property of General San Martin and Seat of the public library "General San Martin" (1815/17)

Site of the birthplace of Mercedes San Martin y Escalada, Mendoza (1815/17)

Mill of Miller Tejeda (1815-16)

Ruins of San Carlos Fort, San Carlos Department (1770)

Colonial bridge over the Picheuta River (late 18th Century)

Pedro del Castillo Square, the old Plaza Mayor of Mendoza (1561) and site of the old Cabildo of Mendoza (1561-1861)

Training ground of the Ejercito de los Andes, Mendoza (1814/17)

Historic block of Tunuyan (1823)

Site of the Posta de Rodeo del Medio, Fray Luis Beltran, Maipu (18th Century)

Mountain pass of la Cumbre (1817)

Cristo Redentor de Los Andes, Las Heras


Site of the Battle of Potrerillos, Lujan de Cuyo (1817)

Site of the Battle of Rodeo del Medio, Maipu (1841)

Site of the Battles of Santa Rosa (1874)


Tomb of General Geronimo Espejo (1801-89) at the Gral. Espejo Military School

Tomb of Colonel Antonio de Berutti, Ruins of San Francisco (1772-1841)

Tomb of Jose Vicente Zapata, Mendoza Cemetery (1851-1897)

Tomb of Juan Gualberto Godoy, Mendoza Cemetery (1793-1864)

Tomb of Tomas Godoy Cruz, San Vicente Ferrer church, Godoy Cruz (1791-1852)

Tomb of Tte. General Rufino Ortega, Maipu (1847-1917)

Misiones Province

Government House, Posadas

Rio Negro Province

Civic complex, San Carlos de Bariloche

Salta Province

Arias Rengel House, Salta

Salta Cathedral, and Pantheon of the Glories of the North with tomb of Martin Guemes

Monument to Martin Guemes, Salta

Cabildo of Salta, housing Historical Museum of the North

San Francisco church, Salta

San Bernardo convent, Salta

House of Hernandez City Museum, Salta

Finca La Cruz and house of Martin Guemes

San Jose church, Cachi

Potrero de Payogasta, Cachi

Pre-Hispanic settlement of Santa Rosa de Tastil, Rosario de Lerma Department

San Juan Province

Birthplace of Domingo Sarmiento, San Juan

Church and Convent of Santo Domingo, San Juan

Temple of San Jose de Jachal, San Jose de Jachal

Achango Chapel, Las Flores

Mills of Sardina in Tamberias (1880); Alto o Garcia (1876) in San Isidro; Huaco ; Escobar or Iglesia in Villa Iglesia; Bella Vista in Villa Iglesia

San Luis Province

Our Lady of the Rosary church, Villa de Merlo

House of Domingo Sarmiento, San Francisco del Monte de Oro

Church of San Jose del Morro

Santa Fe Province

National Flag Memorial, Rosario

Villa Hortensia, Rosario

Central Post Office (Palacio de Correos), Rosario

Former Palace of Justice (now housing the Rosario Law School), Rosario Los otros seis sitios, La Capital, 2006-09-09.

Normal School No. 2, Rosario

Santa Fe la Vieja

Diez de Andino House (now Provincial Historical Museum), Santa Fe

Brener Synagogue, Moises Ville

Santiago del Estero Province

Bridge across Rio Dulce between Santiago del Estero and La Banda Article, El Liberal

Cathedral of Santiago del Estero

Home and museum of Andres Chazarreta, Santiago del Estero

Sanctuary of Our Lord of Miracles of Mailin, nr Lugones

Tierra del Fuego Province and Argentine Antarctica

Aguirre Bay (Gardiner Caves)

Buen Suceso Bay

Harberton Station, Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego

Pavillion of the raising of the national flag by the Lasserre Expedition

Capilla Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria Mision Salesiana, Rio Grande

Snow Hill Cabin (Colina Nevada) used by Otto Nordenskiold's Swedish Antarctic Expedition

Former CAP cold storage plant, Rio Grande

Cemetery of the Salesian Mission, Rio Grande

Monumento Islas Malvinas, Ushuaia

Parish church of Ushuaia

Former Government House of the Territory, current provincial legislature, Ushuaia

Rosas House, Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego

Ano Nuevo lighthouse, Isla Observatorio

Caleta Falsa at the foot of Monte Bilbao

Tucuman Province

House of Tucuman

Tucuman Cathedral

Provincial Historical Museum, Tucuman (former house of the Avellaneda)

Church of San Francisco, Tucuman

House of Jose Colombres, Tucuman (Museum of Sugar Industry)

Jesuit Estancia of La Banda, Tafi del Valle

National Historic Places

In addition to the National Historic Monuments, a number of places have been designated 'National Historic Places' (Lugares Historicos Nacionales), including:

Plaza Dorrego, San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires

Avenida de Mayo, Buenos Aires

Plaza de los Dos Congresos, Buenos Aires

House of Carlos Gardel, Abasto, Buenos Aires

House of Dr Bernardo Houssay, Buenos Aires

Carabassa House, Buenos Aires

Buildings of Austria Street, Buenos Aires

Plaza Rodriguez Pena, Buenos Aires

Garden of the Teachers Plaza, Buenos Aires

Plazoleta Petronila Rodrigiez, Buenos Aires

Plaza Rivadavia, Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires Province

Cerro de la Caballada, Carmen de Patagones, Buenos Aires Province

Site of original fort and Plaza de Armas, Carmen de Patagones, Buenos Aires Province

Site of the birth place of Luis Pedrabuena, Carmen de Patagones, Buenos Aires Province

Site of the family house of Ambrosio Mitre, Carmen de Patagones, Buenos Aires Province

Site of the family house of Martin Rivadavia, Carmen de Patagones, Buenos Aires Province

Capilla de los negros, Chascomus, Buenos Aires Province

Ciudad Evita, La Matanza Partido, Buenos Aires Province

Calle Nueva York, port of La Plata, Buenos Aires Province

Plaza 1810, Lobos, Buenos Aires Province

Plaza Victorio Grigera, Lomas de Zamora

Childhood home of Juan Peron, Roque Perez, Buenos Aires Province

Pre-Hispanic settlement of Rincon Chico, Santa Maria Department, Catamarca Province

Puerto Bermejo, Chaco Province

Ruins of the city of Concepcion de Buena Esperanza, Chaco Province

Site of monument to Cacique Casimiro Bigua, Tehuelches Department, Chubut Province

Monolith and site of fort, Junin de los Andes, Neuquen Province

Battlefield of Chimehuin, Neuquen Province

Remains of cave paintings, Las Juntas, Guachipas, Salta Province

San Juan de Salvamento Port, Isla de los Estados, Tierra del Fuego Province

Former base of the Anglican mission, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Province

El Paramo, Paramo Peninsula, Tierra del Fuego Province

9 de Julio Park, Tucuman, Tucuman Province

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Monumentos Historicos, entre la Burocracia y la falta de fondos by Daniel Birchner, La Opinion, 2005-10-12 GABBY IS COOL

Mendoza Province Culture department

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