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La Nacion is an Argentine daily newspaper. It is on the right of the political spectrum, with the centrist Clarin being its main competitor. It is the only newspaper in Argentina still published in broadsheet format.

The daily was re-named in August 28 1945, having formerly been La Nacion Argentina, founded in January 4 1870 preeminently by former Argentine president Bartolome Mitre and associates. Until 1914, the managing editor was Jose Luis Murature, Foreign Minister of Argentina from 1914-1916.

With over 100 years of circulation, its share is 30% of all newspapers sold in Buenos Aires, and is distributed all over the country and world-wide.

Some of the most famous writers in the Spanish-speaking world, from Jose Marti, Unamuno, Jose Ortega y Gasset and Ruben Dario to Alfonso Reyes, Jorge Luis Borges and Manuel Mujica Lainez have appeared regularly in its columns.

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