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La Chacarita Cemetery

Cementerio de la Chacarita in Buenos Aires, Argentina, known as the National Cemetery, was opened during a yellow fever epidemic in 1871. In the 1800s, a large number of British nationals came to Argentina to work in the many areas of the economy in which Britain then had extensive interests. Many of these expatriates were buried in the Victoria Cemetery in Buenos Aires but when this cemetery closed in 1892 a section of the Chacarita Cemetery was designated as the British Cemetery. In addition, there is a German section.

The cemetery has designated areas for members of the Argentine artistic community, including writers, prominent composers, and actors.

People buried in the cemetery include:

Carlos Acuna (1914-1989), tango singer, composer

Elias Antunez (1906-1957), thoroughbred racing jockey

Paquita Bernardo (1900-1925) musician, composer

Eduardo Vicente Bianco (1892-1959), musician

Oscar Bonavena (1942-1976), heavyweight boxer

Graciela Cabal (1939-2004), author of children's stories

Enrique Cadicamo (1900-1999), author, songwriter.

Evaristo Carriego (1883-1912), poet, journalist

Alberto Castillo (1914-2002), tango singer

Catulo Castillo (1906-1975), musician, composer, poet, boxer

Mario Cosentino (1930-2000), jazz musician

Juan D'Arienzo (1900-1976), orchestra Leader

Julio De Grazia (1920-1989), actor, director

Alejandro De Michele (1954-1983), Rock singer

Oscar Alfredo Galvez (1913-1989), race car driver

Ricardo Gamero "Mister Chassman" (1938-1999),ventriloquist

Carlos Gardel (1890-1935), major singer, actor

Roberto Goyeneche (1926-1994), tango singer

Paul Groussac (1848-1929), French-born writer, historian

Bernardo Houssay (1887-1971), Nobel Prize in Medicine

Maurice Jouvet (1923-1999), French-born actor

Angel Labruna (1918-1983), soccer star

Hans Langsdorff (1894-1939), Captain of the WW II battleship Graf Spee

Irineo Leguisamo (1903-1985), thoroughbred racing jockey

Madre Maria Loredo (1854-1928), faith healer

Azucena Maizani (1902-1970), tango songstress

Mona Maris (1903-1991), actress

Lola Membrives (1888-1969), actress

Zully Moreno (1920-1999), actress

Jorge Newbery (1875-1914), pioneer aviator, sportsman

Alberto Olmedo (1933-1988), comedian

Sabina Olmos (1913-1999), actress and singer

Pascual Perez (1926-1977), Olympic and World champion boxer

Adolfo Pedernera (1918-1995), soccer player

Ivo Pelay (1893-1959), poet, playwright

Pablo Podesta (1875-1923), actor

Jorge Porcel (1936-2006), comedian

Benito Quinquela Martin (1890-1977), painter

Raul Riganti (1893-1970), racecar driver

Chela Ruiz (1921-1999), actress

Mercedes Simone (1904-1990), tango songstress, composer

Osvaldo Soriano (1943-1997), novelist

Alfonsina Storni (1892-1938), poet

Juan Carlos Thorry (1908-2000), actor, entertainer

Lolita Torres (1930-2002), actress, singer

Hector Yazalde (1946-1997), soccer player

Marcos Zucker (1921-2003), actor

Agustin Magaldi (1898-1938), singer

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