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LRA Radio Nacional

LRA Radio Nacional, also known as Radio Nacional Argentina, is the Argentine national radio, and part of the national public media system. It started transmitting in 1937 as LRA Radio del Estado changing its name to the definitive one in 1957. Since 1949, the National Radio is also in charge of the Radiodifusion Argentina al Exterior, an international service that broadcasts in numerous languages.

The radio's programs focus on Argentine news, and culture, and history, among other things. Music broadcast includes all kind of Argentine songs - from Folklore to Tango and Argentine Rock.

Aside from the main news broadcasts and cultural shows, RNA also broadcasts national football matches and the performance of other Argentine athletes during venues such as the Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup.


The head of the radio system is located in Buenos Aires, and has several transmission points that re-transmit the original signal, but also their own programs:

LRA1 Radio Nacional de Buenos Aires

LRA2 Viedma, Rio Negro Province

LRA3 Santa Rosa, La Pampa Province

LRA4 Salta, Salta Province

LRA5 Rosario, Santa Fe Province

LRA6 Mendoza, Mendoza Province

LRA7 Cordoba, Cordoba Province

LRA8 Formosa Formosa Province

LRA9 Esquel, Santa Cruz Province

LRA10 Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Province

LRA11 Comodoro Rivadavia, Santa Cruz Province

LRA12 Santo Tome, Corrientes Province

LRA13 Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires Province

LRA14 Santa Fe, Santa Fe Province

LRA15 Tucuman, Tucuman Province

LRA16 La Quiaca, Jujuy Province

LRA17 Zapala, Neuquen Province

LRA18 Rio Turbio, Cordoba Province

LRA19 Puerto Iguazu, Misiones Province

LRA20 Las Lomitas, Jujuy Province

LRA21 Santiago del Estero, Santiago del Estero Province

LRA22 Jujuy, Jujuy Province

LRA23 San Juan, San Juan Province

LRA 24 Rio Grande Tierra del Fuego Province

LRA 25 Tartagal, Salta Province

LRA 26 Resistencia, Chaco Province

LRA 27 Catamarca Catamarca Province

LRA 28 La Rioja La Rioja Province

LRA 29 San Luis San Luis Province

LRA 30 Bariloche, Rio Negro Province

LRA 36 Arcangel San Gabriel - Esperanza Base, Argentine Antarctica

LRA 42 Gualeguaychu, Entre Rios Province

LRA 51 Jachal, San Juan Province

LRA 52 Chos Malal, Neuquen Province

LRA 53 San Martin de los Andes, Neuquen Province

LRA 54 Ingeniero Jacobacci, Rio Negro Province

LRA 55 Alto Rio Senguer, Chubut Province

LRA 56 Perito Moreno, Santa Cruz Province

LRA 57 El Bolson, Rio Negro Province

LRA 58 Rio Mayo, Chubut Province

LRA 59 Gobernador Gregores, Santa Cruz Province

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