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Julio Godio

Topics: Argentine sociologists

Julio Godio (born 1939) is an Argentine sociologist born at La Plata, Buenos Aires Province

In 1958, he was elected president of the students' union of the University of La Plata. Very much related with the labor movement (in Argentina and Latin America), Julio Godio has been official of ILO-ACTRAV, and has worked actively with the Friedrich Ebert Seitung, ICFTU-ORIT, IMF, BWI, UNI, etc. He has written important books and publications about the labor movement, among them: The Tragic Week, History of the Argentine Labor Movement (1878-2000), History of the Latin American Labor Movement, The MERCOSUR, The workers and the FTAA, etc.

Currently he is the Chairman of the World of Labor Institute.

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