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Juan Schiaretti

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Juan Schiaretti , known as 'El Gringo', is an Argentine Justicialist Party politician and accountant. He is the governor of the province of Cordoba.

Schiaretti's father was Dante Schiaretti, a railway worker and Peronist activist descended from immigrants from Parma. He was imprisoned after the military coup which toppled Peron in 1955. His mother is Julia Alamo, a housewife. Schiaretti studied at the Escuela Publica Nacional 95, in the Talleres Oeste neighbourhood, then at the Liceo Militar General Paz, which he entered at eleven and left with the gold medal for best academic achievement of his group (1961 to 1965). He studied for his degree in the Economic Sciences Faculty of the National University of Cordoba, where he qualified as a public accountant aged 21. He married a fellow political activist and had two children.

In 1975, Schiaretti was threatened by the Triple A and moved with his family to Neuquen. The military coup of 1976 forced him into exile in Brazil. He worked as a salesman then found work as an administrative assistant at Fiat in Bello Horizonte. He stayed with the company and rose to be deputy director of administration.

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