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Juan Larrea (politician)

Juan Larrea, Spanish businessman and politician, was an established immigrant in Buenos Aires around the year 1800 and in 1810 participated as a committee member in the Primera Junta (First Assembly). He was only one of the two Spanish-born accepted as committee members of the Junta, (the other one being Domingo Matheu).

He was part of the Asamblea del Ano XIII and presided over the three-day sessions that established the national anthem, ended slavery, abolished all titles of nobility, the use of torture and the Spanish Inquisition.

He was Economy Minister of the United Provinces of the Rio de la Plata (today's Argentina) on October 1812, where he was a strong proponent of the establishment of a naval force commanded by William Brown.


Juan Larrea settled in the Rio de la Plata around 1800 as a trader, arrived in a short time to gather a substantial fortune. He joined the group of merchants engaged in trade with the port of Cadiz, directed by Martin de Alzaga. He participated in the defense against the British invasion, and was one of the founders of Volunteers of Catalonia Battalion, participating in the struggle with the rank of captain.

In January 1809, during the uprising of Alzaga, was one of the candidates for members of the Buenos Aires junta. The uprising was defeated and no Junta was made.

In 1810, apparently by his alliance with the same group of merchants, was named a member of the Primera Junta. Along with Domingo Matheu - Wholesaler and linked, as Larrea, to the Alzaga group - were the only Spanish appointed to participate on the board in 1810. He joined the group led by Mariano Moreno in opposition to the position of Chairman of the Board, Cornelio Saavedra, both before and after processing it in the Junta Grande. Following the uprising of 5 and 6 April 1811, was deposed and exiled to San Juan.

He joined the Asamblea del Ano XIII as a deputy for Cordoba. In this sphere was chairman of the meetings of 3 days and set the extinction of peerages in the country, banning the use of torture and the creation of a military training institution, among other measures. He put his signature on record declaring the national anthem country song. He was the author of the Customs Law passed by the Assembly, which liberated rights machinery, books, printing and articles of war.

On December 5, 1813 Jose Julian Perez replaced as a member of the Second Triumvirate, and joined the Lautaro Lodge, led by then Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Maria de Alvear.

He was Minister of Finance of the Board, Gervasio Antonio de Posadas, a position from which he was the chief advocate for the creation of the naval squadron commanded William Brown. He lost much of its fotruna in the formation of the navy, in part by the shady dealings of funds from your attorney, the American William Pius White. From his pocket He also formed a cavalry Batalona and financed much of the needs of the armaments factory.

In the fall of the Supreme Director Alvear, Larrea was forced to emigrate and their property in the country were confiscated. It was established in Montevideo, and then move to Bordeaux, France. The Supreme Director Juan Martin de Pueyrredon was appointed consul of the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata in the city.

He returned to Montevideo, living without problems under Portuguese rule until 1822. That year he returned to Buenos Aires, engaged in foreign trade business of extracting salt lick and beef jerky. From 1828 to 1830 he lived again in Bordeaux, as consul appointed by Governor Manuel Dorrego.

He returned to River Plate, and for several years attempted to create various companies, during the government of Juan Manuel de Rosas emigrated to Montevideo. He returned to Buenos Aires, where he committed suicide on June 20, 1847. He was the last surviving members of the Primera Junta.

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