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Juan Carlos Ongania

Juan Carlos Ongania Carballo was a military president of Argentina from 29 June 1966 to 8 June 1970. He rose to power as military dictator after toppling, in a coup detat self-named Revolucion Argentina (Argentine Revolution), the democratically elected president Arturo Illia .

While preceding military coups in Argentina were aimed at establishing temporary, transitional juntas, the Revolucion Argentina headed by Ongania aimed at establishing a new political and social order, opposed both to liberal democracy and Communism, which gave to the Armed Forces of Argentina a leading, political role in the economic rationalization of the country. The political scientist Guillermo O'Donnell named this type of regime "authoritarian-bureaucratic state" Guillermo O'Donnell, El Estado Burocratico Autoritario, (1982), in reference both to the Revolucion Argentina, the Brazilian military regime (1964-1985), Augusto Pinochet's regime (starting in 1973) and Juan Maria Bordaberry's regime in Uruguay.

As military dictator, Ongania suspended political parties and supported a policy of Participacionismo , by which representatives of various interest groups such as industry, labor, and agriculture, would form committees to advise the government. Yet these committees were largely appointed by the dictator himself. Ongania also suspended the right to strike and supported a corporatist economic and social policy, enforced particularly in Cordoba by the appointed governor, Carlos Caballero.

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