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Jovita, Cordoba

Jovita is a town located south of the Province of Cordoba, in central Argentina.

According to the 1993 census, Jovita has a population of 3,800, however the actual figure is estimated to be closer to 5500.

Jovita is geographically situated in the middle of the Humid Pampa region or Pampa's Plain, and its economy is mainly reliant on cattle farming and agriculture, especially with the farming of soya, sunflower oil, corn and wheat among other products.

Jovita was founded in 1905 and its blueprints were made and approved on May 15, 1907 and October 28, 1907. The land on which the town is built were donated by two sisters: Magdalena and Jovita from whom the town now takes its name. Jovitas original name was Pichi Tromen Station "El Juncalito". This was until 1906 when its name was changed to Santa Magdalena and Jovita Station. This name was retained until 1983, when according to resolution N322/83, its name was changed again to the current name of Jovita.

Geographic Situation

Pedania Italo of General Roca Department, Province of Cordoba, in Argentina.

Situated at an altitude of 153,5m above sea level, latitude 3431' south, longitude 6456'40" west. Ubicada en la nueva linea de frontera entre los fortines conocidos como Orma y Ortega.

The town is 592 km from Buenos Aires and 425 km from Cordoba, capital of the province with the same name. In this neighborhood one can also find the Rio Quinto (lately named by the aborigens as Popopis] at just 5 km.

Actual Government

Mayor: Dr. Gabriel Rebola, for the Justicialist's Party.

Educational Institutes


Domingo Faustino Sarmiento

Otilia Fernandez de Tovagliari

Primary Schools

Domingo Faustino Sarmiento

Otilia Fernandez de Tovagliari

CENPA (Centro de Ensenanza Primaria de Adultos)

Secondary Schools

IEMJO (Instituto de Educacion Media con orientacion en Gestion de las Organizaciones)

IPEM 221 (Instituto de Educacion Media con orientacion Agropecuaria)

CENMA (Centro de Educacion Media para adultos)

Tertiary Schools

Instituto de Formacion Docente Martha Salotti

Special Schools

ALAS (for persons with special capacities)

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