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Jordan Bruno Genta

Topics: Argentine philosophers Argentine writers

Jordan Bruno Genta, (1909-1974) was an Argentine writer and educator, widely considered the ideologue of the Argentine extreme right-wing.

In his youth, Genta actively campaigned against several attempts at education reform, fearing that the changes would dilute the influence of Catholic teachings. After the pro-Fascist coup d'etat of 4 June, 1943, Genta was appointed to head the Universidad del Litoral, and gained notoriety as a defender of reactionary ideas, to the point that the popular FORJA movement and its leader Arturo Jauretche publicly condemned Genta's positions.

During the Peron years, many fugitive Nazi officers found refuge in Argentina, some of them collaborating with the Argentine Air Force. Even though mainstream Argentine political discourse discouraged extreme nationalism and anti-semitism, Genta found a fertile ground for his teachings in the Air Force military schools.

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