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Horacio Pagani

Horacio Pagani (born in 1960) is the Argentine founder of Pagani Autmobili S.p.A., an Italian specialty automaker.

Pagani was born in the then-rural town of Casilda, Santa Fe Province, Argentina. He was the son, grandson, and great-grandson of bakers. He fell in love with cars when he saw his first copy of Style Auto Magazine, a forerunner of today's Auto & Design (Italy). He began to craft his own models of cars with primitive tools and studied industrial design at the University of La Plata, but student political activity during the years of the military dictatorship closed the school for three years. He tried his hand at customizing his father's Torino, a hodgepodge of a car with a Rambler American body restyled by Pininfarina, powered by an old Kaiser L-head engine fitted with an OHC cylinder head conversion, made and marketed by Renault. He liked the hands-on aspect of working directly with metal, but he went twenty-five miles away to Rosario to study engineering all the same. The school's rote, noncreative approach was all wrong for him, so he decided to design his own educational curriculum, starting with studying the life of Leonardo da Vinci, his great inspiration and model, and trying to figure out manufacturing methods on his own.

He was fascinated by materials, he says, and established his own small shop, making chairs and tooling for bending tubes. In 1977, he designed and built travel trailers, including their suspensions. Because he could work with fiberglass, he was asked to rebody a race car. He did the job in only three weeks, the car came in second in its first post-Pagani outing, and the die was cast. He would design and build a racing car from scratch, a single-seater fitting a local Renault-powered promotional formula.

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