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Golden-collared Macaw

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The Golden-collared Macaw or Yellow-collared Macaw (Primolius auricollis) is a small species of macaw belonging to the parrot family Psittacidae. It is native to central South America. In recent years it has often been placed in the genus Propyrrhura, but this is incorrect as per ICZN rules. Earlier, it has also been placed in the genus Ara, which at present only is used for some of the larger macaws.


It has a total length of about 38 cm (15 in), of which almost half is tail feathers. The general plumage is green, with a distinct yellow collar that is broadest on the back of the neck. The yellow collar develops as the bird ages, with more vibrant colors found in mature birds. The front and crown is brownish black. The remiges and primary coverts are blue and the long, pointed tail has a red base, a narrow green center and a blue tip. The underside of the tail and flight feathers are greenish-yellow, similar to that of several other small macaws (e.g. Blue-winged and Red-bellied Macaw). The legs are dull pinkish and the iris is reddish to dull yellow. It has extensive bare white facial skin and the heavy bill is black, often tipped pale grey.


The main population occurs in the Pantanal of Brazil , northern Argentina (eastern Jujuy and northern Salta), far northern Paraguay (Alto Paraguay and Concepcion) and most of northern and eastern Bolivia . A second disjunct population occurs in far north-eastern Mato Grosso, south-eastern Para and western Tocantins in Brazil.

Habitat and status

It occurs in forest (but avoids the Amazon Rainforest), woodland, savanna and grassland with scatted trees. It mainly occurs in lowlands, but locally up to an altitude of 1700 m (5600 ft). It is generally fairly common and therefore considered to be of Least Concern by BirdLife International.


Typically seen in pairs or, during non-breeding season, small flocks. Feeds on fruits, flower buds and seeds. The 2-4 eggs are placed in a nest in a tree-cavity.


Database entry includes justification for why this species is Least Concern.

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To reassign the genus of three macaws South American Classification Committee.

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