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Gabriela Michetti

Marta Gabriela Michetti is an Argentine political figure, a member of the party known as Commitment to Change part of the coalition Republican Proposal (PRO). Mrs. Michetti occupied the office of Deputy Head of Government in the city of Buenos Aires during the administration of Mauricio Macri as Mayor.

Mrs. Michetti was born the 28th of May, 1965 in the provincial town of Laprida. She is a graduate in International Relations from the Universidad del Salvador By 1989 Mrs. Michetti had already joined the ranks of government at a state level in the province of Buenos Aires, and the following year joined the executive staff as a technical adviser at the Argentine Ministry of Economy. Although employed as a professional rather than as a politician, Michetti was political, working through her church on social projects and becoming close to Carlos Auyero of the Christian Democratic Party and FrePaSo. Macri eligio a Michetti para su formula portena, La Nacion, 13 March 2007. Accessed 11 April 2009.

A car accident in 1994 resulted in serious injuries and since then Mrs. Michetti has used a wheelchair.

Michetti joined the Commitment to Change party lead by industrialist Mauricio Macri in 2003. The party would eventually became part of the PRO movement. The same year she was elected to the Buenos Aires City Legislature and led the block of Commitment to Change. In 2006 Michetti gained recognition while leading the inquiry committee looking into alleged Geoverment negligence after a fire broke out at fire at the Republica Cromagnon nightclub where 194 people were killed. The ordeal derived on the resignation of Anibal Ibarra then Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires.

In 2007, Michetti became the running mate of Mauricio Macri and the ticket resulted elected to office of Mayor and Vice Mayer of the City of Buenos Aires with an overwhelming 60.96% of the vote over Daniel Filmus and Carlos Heller of the Front for Victory. Se duplico el voto en blanco, La Nacion, 24 June 2007. Accessed 11 April 2009. Coming on the same day as the election of Fabiana Rios of ARI as Governor of Tierra del Fuego Province, the result was seen as a bad defeat for President Nestor Kirchner.

As a fairly popular and inclusive figure, ahead of the 2009 elections for Congress, Michetti's name was frequently mentioned as a likely candidate for National Deputy, despite being less than two years in her executive role in the City's government. By April, her candidature appeared less likely given the manoeuvres of all the main parties. La candidatura de Michetti ahora se puso "en analisis", La Nacion, 10 April 2009. Accessed 11 April 2009. Much has also been made of her friendship and shared faith with the leader of the rival Civic Coalition, Elisa Carrio. However, on 20 April, Michetti resigned as Deputy Head of Government and confirmed that she would lead the PRO list for Buenos Aires for national deputies. Michetti renuncio para ser candidata, La Nacion, 21 April 2009. Accessed 5 May 2009.

Michetti has one son and had a long relationship with the journalist Eduardo Cura.

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