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Espiritu is an Argentine progressive rock band founded in 1972. The group has had a very fragmented history, due to a variety of reasons. Nontheless they were an important act during the heyday of prog-rock in Argentina in the mid 1970s, and one of the few bands from that period that are active today.

After a line-up change where ex-Los Gatos Ciro Fogliatta replaced Gusta vo Fedel at keyboards, Espiritu's second full-lengthLibre y Natural was released in 1976, at the peak of prog-rock production in Argentina. The stage presentation of the album at the Coliseo Theater was one of the highlights of that year in argentine rock. However exhaustion between members would lead to the band's break-up by 1977.

The band briefly reunited in 1982 during the very short lived prog-rock revival in Argentina, and quickly ended up recording Espiritu III. The album was more focus on jazz-rock, but it also showed new-wave tendencies that were removed from progressive. Whether it was a conscious effort to make the album more commerciable is unclear, but it still sold poorly in spite of being a solid record. By then argentine rock was moving full ahead into the "New Democracy Sound" that would become the foundation of the 80s argentine rock international explosion.

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