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Escuela Superior Latinoamericana de Informatica

The Escuela Superior Latinoamericana de Informatica (1986-1990) was an undergraduate school of computer science in Argentina, located at approximately 40 km. from Buenos Aires. Classes were held in a former countryhouse at the Parque Pereira Iraola.

The School had Manuel Sadosky among its main founders. In spite of its short life, it had a considerable impact on informatics teaching and research in Argentina and South America. ESLAI courses were attended by students from several Spanish speaking countries in South America .

All students had a full scholarship and the admission process was passed by about 15% of applicants.

The School established cooperation programs with a number of foreign universities in the Americas as well as in Europe. Those cooperations sponsored important visitors to the School, such as Alberto Oscar Mendelzon, Jean-Raymond Abrial, Ugo Montanari, Carlo Ghezzi and Giorgio Ausiello, and enabled its students to attend graduate school at foreign universities.

The School had a clearly orientation towards theoretical aspects of computer science, with a remarkable European influence. Typed Lambda calculus, program verificacion, Martin-Lof's type theory, etc

Unfortunately, the school was never able to develop a relationships network with local companies, which in a third world country like Argentina involved more practical problems. Without financial support, the ESLAI had to be closed down during the Carlos Menem presidency (September 1990).

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