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Hector Medina, better known by his literary pen name as Emeterio Cerro was an Argentine poet, playwright and short fiction writer.

Emeterio Cerro, whose birth name is Hector Medina, was born on December 3, 1952 in Balcarce, in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He obtained his bachelor's degree in psicology and graduated as regisseur of opera at the Higher Institute of Arts of the Colon Theatre (Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colon); he further enrolled at the Sorbonne University in Paris in advanced courses of linguistics. Since 1986 he sets his residence in Paris. By means of La Barrosa (Miss Murkiness), a theatre company he created in 1983, he was able to present his works that reflect his creativeness. The name of his theatre company derives from one work of his that consisted in two long poems organized on musical structures, based on sound repetition and variation, where the logic sustaining discourse is strictly phonic.Perednik, J.S. 1980: A decade of Argentine experimental poetry. 6th International Meeting of Experimental, Sound & Visual Poetry, Vortice Argentina, Buenos Aires, Sept. 25 Oct. 19, 2003. Among the plays he made stand out La Juanetarga, El Cuis Cuis, El Bochicho, La Julietada, La Magdalena del Ojon, El Bollo, Dona Noca, La Papelona, La Maria Rodriguez, La Tullivieja, La Dongue, La Marita, Loca de Amor (Mad of Love), Las Guaranis (1996), and Tango-Macbeth. He collaborated in literary magazines and newspapers such as Ultimo Reino and El Porteno from Argentina, Ovacion from Colombia, Dimensao from Brasil, Empireuma and Gemma from Espana, Akcent from Poland and Les Cahiers du Sud from France. He is considered to belong to the neobaroque group among other writers such as Severo Sarduy, Nestor Perlongher, Arturo Carrera, Tamara Kamenszain, and Osvaldo Lamborghini. He died in Buenos Aires on December 12, 1996.

* Emeterio Cerro Kulturburg, Comunidad Cultural.

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