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El bordo (band)

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El bordo or El bordo rock is a rock band of Buenos Aires, that began by chance in 1998 in students celebration. Its name comes from a well-known wine market.

Thus he was like in that year Alejandro Kurz (guitar and voice), Miguel Soifer (Drum), Pablo Spivak (bass) and Mariano Botti (manager) began something that nowadays has full name: El Bordo.

With time they continued joining itself, began to appear the first own themes. And with them and several covers is that they armed the first recital in La Colorada on 17/11/98. Like all first recital, the place they attended 50 people, majority familiar and friends, and some that finished seeing a band or hoped to see another one. And the truth is that for them, the fact to be making a first recital official already was a dream; one of so many that El bordo gave the pleasure them of being able to fulfill.

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