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Eduardo Lonardi

Eduardo A. Lonardi Doucet (1896-1956) was a former de facto president of Argentina who was in office from September 23 till November 13 of 1955.

Eduardo Lonardi, a Catholic nationalist, assumed leadership of the Revolucion Libertadora junta who overthrew Juan Peron on September 16, 1955. He was greeted by chants of Cristo Vence ("Christ is Victorious") when arriving in Buenos Aires. Favoring a transition with "neither victors nor vanquished", his conciliatory approach was deemed too soft by the liberal faction of the armed forces, who deposed him less than two months into his de-facto presidency and replaced him with hard-liner Pedro Aramburu. Lonardi was appointed military attache to Santiago de Chile during the presidency of Dr D. Ramon Castillo, but little afterwards he was declared "persona non grata" by the Chilean government on accusations of espionage. He then was appointed military attache to Washington DC around 1946 where he stayed for a few years. Lonardi was then given an attache post in Washington, DC, mostly to keep him away from the political infighting. After his ousting by the Aramburu faction, he went to the US as a private citizen to receive cancer treatment, returned the next year (1956) and died.

Lonardi died in Buenos Aires 22 March 1956, from ulcer complications.

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