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Eastern Bolivian Guarani

Eastern Bolivian Guarani, known locally as Chawuncu or Chiriguano, is a Guarani language spoken in South America. In Bolivia 33,670 speakers were counted in the year 2000, in the south-central Parapeti River area and in the city of Tarija. In Argentina, there were approximately 15,000 speakers, mostly in Jujuy, but also in Salta Province, and 304 counted in the Paraguayan Chaco.

Ava and Izoceno are dialects.

Eastern Bolivian Guarani is known in Argentina as Western Argentine Guarani, while in Paraguay it is locally known as Nandeva.

Eastern Bolivian Guarani is one of a number of varieties of the Guarani language sometimes considered distinct languages. Of these, Paraguayan Guarani is by far the most important variety and it is often referred to simply as Guarani. For more information, see Guarani language.

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