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Darwin's Nothura

The '''Darwin's Nothura' Nothura darwiniiis a type of Tinamou commonly found in high altitude temperate grassland habitats up to 4,300 m altitude. This species is native to Andes ranges from southern Peru, Bolivia and northern Argentina in South America.

The name of the species is named after Charles Darwin, an eminent English naturalist to commemorate him.


Nominate race Nothura darwinii darwiniioccurs in south-central Argentina

Nothura darwinii peruvianaoccurs in southern Peru

Nothura darwinii agassiziioccurs in south-east Peru and western Bolivia

Nothura darwinii bolivianaoccurs in western Bolivia

Nothura darwinii salvadorii'' occurs in western Argentina


The Darwin's Nothura is approximately 26 cm in length. It is similar to Spotted Nothura but more rufous with broader streaking below. Its upperparts brown streaked buff, lowerparts streaked with chestnut and black on breast, flanks barred. Its crown black streaked buff and throat white.


BirdLife Species Factsheet

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