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Croats in Argentina

Croatians in Argentina or Croatian Argentine are Argentine of Croatian descent. Although a small group in the European minority of Argentina, Croats and their descendants have made valuable contributions to their new country. Mostly settled in Argentina capital, Buenos Aires. Due to intermarriage, most Croatian Argentine are of mixed ancestry.

The most successful of all the Croats in Argentina was also almost the first to arrive: Nikola Mihanovic came to Montevideo, Uruguay in 1867, and, having settled in Buenos Aires, Mihanovic owned 350 vessels of one kind or another by 1909, including 82 steamers. By 1918, he employed 5,000 people, mostly from his native Dalmatia Mihanovic by himself was thus a major factor in building up a Croat community which remains primarily Dalmatian to this day.

If the first two waves had been primarily economic, the third wave after the Second World War was eminently political. Some 20,000 Croatian political refugees came to Argentina, and most became construction workers on Peron's public works projects until they started to pick up some Spanish.

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