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Cordoba Metro

The Cordoba Metro is a project that will, according to its proponents, serve the Argentine city of Cordoba through a metro network. The metro system will become the second in Argentina along with the Buenos Aires Metro.

Overview of system

On December 10, 2007, the Secretary of Transport and Traffic of the Argentine Municipality announced an initiative of the Iecsa/Gela companies to build a of underground system in the City of Cordoba. La Voz Del Interior The announcement was made after a meeting with the Argentine Secretary of Transport, Ricardo Jaime and, on December 14, the municipality commenced Technical and Financial Feasibility studies.

Finally on April 10, 2008, President Cristina Kirchner in a meeting with the mayor of the city of Cordoba, Daniel Giacomino confirmed the construction of the metro system. In the meeting, the Argentine president also announced granting the adjudication of the high speed rail to the French engineering giant, Alstom.


Depending on which vehicles would be selected and other factors, the total planned cost of the system is of nearly US$ 1.1 billion. The preliminary design of the project foresees the plan of two principal lines with a total extension of 15.8 kilometres (10 mi). The first line would cross the city from west to south, over Colon and Duarte Quiros Avenues, up to Peron Boulevard, where it would reach the vicinity of the Mitre Railroad, near the bus terminal.

The Second line would run from north to south near the Ciudad Universitaria area, and under the Suquia river, continuing northwards to the Belgrano railway, near the Alta Cordoba train station. Plans are for the construction of 17 stations, 11 on the west-south line, and six in the south-north line.

Construction Features

Tunnel machines will be used for the construction in which gigantic drills advance approximately 40 meters per day. According to experts of the Lecsa company, since the construction work won't be done on the surface, the disadvantages of traffic complications would be avoided from the very beginning. The tunnels will be covered in 40 cm thick prefabricated assembled units of concrete. The trains will have safety systems along the entire metro network.

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