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Comando Suicida was an Argentinian nationalist skinhead Oi! band formed in 1984. Their lyrics discussed topics such as unemployment, illegal immigration, the illegal drug trade, the working class and violence (such as sports-related violence known as barra brava). At least one band member was part of the fascist organization Movimiento Nacional Socialista.

Comando Suicida was a partial continuation of Los Desalmados, a punk rock band formed in 1981, from which came the members Sergio (vocals) and Key (guitar). El Mariskal (who later joined Trixy y los Maniaticos) and Fernan completed the band's lineup. The name Comando Suicida came from a quote by an English soldier describing how he viewed the Argentinian army in the Falklands War in an interview. The name is a homage to the Argentinian soldiers who died in the conflict.

In the beginning, Comando Suicida was sylistically similar to the raw punk sound of the Sex Pistols, with nihilistic lyrics, which changed significantly as the band evolved towards a more social message, influenced mainly by bands such as Cockney Rejects, Sham 69, Last Resort, Decibelios de Espana, Cock Sparrer, The 4-Skins and Los Italianos Nabat.

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