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Club Atletico Lanus

Club Atletico Lanus is an Argentine football club from Lanus, Buenos Aires, founded on 3 January 1915. They have won two major championships in their history, the Copa CONMEBOL in 1996 and the Apertura 2007.

The club's main rival is Club Atletico Banfield.


In 1978, with debts of over US$2 million the club faced its worst crisis. But the support of its fans made it possible to come back to the Second division and pay off its debts. In 1978 the club had 2,000 members. In 1981 it had 10,000.

The club also has a professional basketball team playing in the Argentine top division.

In 2007, Lanus won their first ever top flight championship. They won the Apertura 2007 after earning a 1-1 draw with Boca Juniors in their last fixture of the tournament to finish four points clear of their closest rivals Club Atletico Tigre. Jose Sand was a hero of the campaign, netting an impressive 15 goals in 15 games.


Primera Division de Argentina : Apertura 2007

CONMEBOL Cup 1996.

Second Division Championship 1992

Third Division Championship 1981

Second Division Championship 1971

Second Division Championship 1964

Second Division Championship 1950

Notable players

To appear in this section a player must have made at least 50 appearances for the club.

Jorge Brown (1897-99)

Atilio Ducca (1935-46)

Luis Arrieta (1939-44)

Leon Strembel

Juan Yustrich (1940-41)

Jose Florio

Juan "El Nene" Guidi (1949-70)

Jose "Pepe" Nacionale (1954-60)

Jose Ramos Delgado (1956-58)

Alfredo Rojas (1956-58)

Bernardo "Baby" Acosta (1962-68)

Ramon Cabrero (1965-68)

Angel Manuel Silva

Humberto Ballesteros (1967-70)

Oswaldo Piazza (1967-72)

Hector "El Negro" Enrique

Leonardo Rodriguez

Gilmar "Uruguay" Villagran (1984-92)

Rolando "El Roly" Bertolini (1985-92)

Armando "Urraca" Gonzalez (1987-97)

Gabriel "Chucho" Schurrer (1988-96)

Marcelo Ojeda (1990-94)

Miguel Angel "Pampa" Gambier (1991-94)

Nestor Fabbri (1992-94)

Claudio "Caio" Enria (1993-98)

Omar Simionato (1994-96)

Ariel Lopez

Carlos "Lechuga" Roa (1994-97)

Ariel "El cano" Ibagaza (1994-98)

Walter Coyette (1994-02)

Gonzalo Belloso (1995-99)

Hugo "El Diez" Morales

Daniel "Chango" Cravero (1995-00)

Gustavo "Pajaro" Siviero (1996-98)

Mariano Fernandez (1997-00)

Julian Kmet (1997-01)

Lucas Alessandria

Silvio Gonzalez (1998-02)

Cristian Alvarez

Luis Zubeldia (1998-04)

Ezequiel Carboni (1998-05)

Denis Caniza (1999-2001)

Diego Klimowicz (1999-01)

Rodrigo Mannara (1999-04)

Javier Almiron

Claudio Flores

Santiago Hoyos (2000-)

Walter Ribonetto

Gabriel Iribarren (2001-04)

Rodrigo Diaz (2001-05)

Juan Carlos Marino (2001-06)

Cristian Fabbiani (2001-07)

Carlos Galvan (2002-03)

Ignacio Risso (2002-04)

Nelson Benitez

Mauricio Romero (2002-07)

Sebastian Salomon (2002-09)

Agustin Pelletieri (2002-)

Rodrigo Archubi (2003-07)

Diego Lagos (2003-)

Santiago Biglieri (2003-)

Diego Valeri (2003-)

Claudio Graf (2004-07)

Carlos Bossio (2004-09)

Rodolfo Graieb (2004-09)

Marcos Aguirre (2004-)

Matias Fritzler (2004-)

Maximiliano Velazquez (2004-)

Sebastian Leto (2005-07)

Lautaro Acosta (2006-08)

Sebastian Blanco (2006-)

Eduardo Ledesma (2006-)

Jose Sand (2007-09)

Diego Gonzalez (2007-)

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Miguel Angel Russo 1989-1993

Patricio Hernandez 1994

Hector Cuper 1995-1997

Oscar Garre 1997

Mario Zanabria 1998

Ramon Cabrero 2005-2008

Luis Zubeldia current (youngest coach ever in Argentina)

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