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City of the Caesars

The City of the Caesars (Spanish Ciudad de los Cesares), also variously known as City of the Patagonia, Wandering City, Trapalanda or Trapananda, Lin Lin or Elelin, is a mythical city of South America. It is supposedly located somewhere in Patagonia, in some valley of the Andes between Chile and Argentina. Despite being searched for during the colonization of South America, no evidence proves that it ever existed. In 1766, the Jesuit Father Jose Garcia Alsue explored the area now part of Queulat National Park in Aisen Region, Chile searching for the City of the Caesars.


Most of the descriptions of the city talks about the city as a prosperous and rich city full of gold, silver and diamonds. At least one description, also says it was located in between two mountains, one of gold and another of diamonds. Sometimes it is described as an enchanted city that appears in certain moments. Said to have been founded by survivors from the shipwreck of a Spanish ship, and full of riches such as gold and silver. The alleged inhabitants of the city have been described as consisting of people of European descent who shipwrecked in the Strait of Magellan, survivors in exile of the Disaster of Curalaba, survivors of the Inca Empire, ghosts and Patagonian giants.

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