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Cementerio Britanico

Cementerio Britanico also known as Buenos Aires British cemetery is a cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Famous interments

British Cemetery Corporation Web Page : http://www.cementeriobritanico.org.ar/

Juan Bautista Thorne, b. March 8, 1807 d. August 8, 1885 - Coronel of the Argentine Army fought in important battles as: Pozos, Patagones, Martin Garcia, Vuelta de Obligado and Quebracho.

Juan Jacobo Bajarlia, b. October 5, 1914 d. July 22, 2005 - Poet, essayist and novelist.

Barbara Virginia Bourse Herrera b. December 19, 1947 - Famed singer.

Frank Brown - A popular English Clown

Alexander Watson Hutton - Founder of Argentine Soccer.

Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, - acclaimed Argentine film director

Mario Passano - actor

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