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Caso Cerrado

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''This article is about the album from Pappo's Blues. For the Latin American TV show, see Caso Cerrado (show)''

Caso Cerrado is the eighth album of the Argentine rock band Pappo's Blues. It marked Pappo's return to this project, which he had abandoned in the late 70's.

Track listing

"Tren Azul"

"Ruta 66"

"Solo en este Mundo"

"Yo Me Quedo con Lucy"

"Blues para Mi Guitarra"

"Castillos Magicos Espanoles"

"Algunos deslices"

"People Don't Care"

"Paramount Shuffle"

"Penetieso Blues"

"P.B.A. Boogie"


"Perro en la Vereda"

"Tome Demasiado"

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http://www.rock.com.ar/discos/0/919.shtml Caso Cerrado 2006 on TeleMundo

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