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Brochiloricaria is a small genus of catfish (order Siluriformes) of the family Loricariidae. It includes two species, B. chauliodon and B. macrodon.


The species of this genus are distributed in the Parana River system. B. chauliodon originates from the La Plata River basin. B. macrodon is found in the Paraguay River basin.

Appearance and anatomy

Brochiloricaria is morphologically very similar to Loricaria and can be distinguished from the latter only by its teeth characteristics; in Brochiloricaria, the teeth are very long and of equal size on both jaws, while in Loricaria the premaxillary teeth are almost two times longer than dentary teeth. However, dentition may not be a reliable characteristic to differentiate to genera, so Brochiloricaria may actually be a synonym of Loricaria.

Both species of Brochiloricaria reach almost 30 centimetres in length.


Brochiloricaria is an abdomino-lip brooder.

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