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Arturo Rawson

Arturo Rawson Corvalan was the President of Argentina from June 4, 1943 to June 7, 1943.

Born in Santiago del Estero, Rawson attended Argentinas Military College, which he graduated from in 1907 and subsequently taught at for a time. Rawson rose through the ranks of the Argentine Army and was eventually promoted to general. By 1943, Rawson was the Commanding Officer of Cavalry at Campo de Mayo. On June 3, 1943, Rawson was contacted by members of the GOU (United Officers' Group), a group of military officers planning to overthrow Argentinas civilian government. The GOU, lacking the sufficient amount of troops needed to successfully implement a coup, knew Rawson could provide the soldiers they required. Rawson, who had been scheming to overthrow the government even before he was contacted by the GOU, agreed to their plan. On June 4, Rawson and 10,000 troops under his command entered Buenos Aires and overthrew the government of Ramon Castillo. Rawson promptly declared himself president the same day. However, Rawson's choices for his cabinet alienated the GOU leadership, who forced him to resign on June 7.

After resigning as president, Rawson was appointed Ambassador to Brazil, a post he would hold until 1944. In 1945, Rawson was arrested and brought before a military tribunal for opposing the government of President Edelmiro Farrell, but he was quickly released. In September 1951, Rawson supported General Jose Benjamin Menendezs failed attempt to overthrow the government of Juan Peron, for which Rawson was temporarily imprisoned. Rawson died of a heart attack in Buenos Aires in 1952.

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