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Argentine Confederation

The Argentine Confederation is one of the official names of Argentina, according to the Argentine Constitution, Article 35"Art. 35.- Las denominaciones adoptadas sucesivamente desde 1810 hasta el presente, a saber: Provincias Unidas del Rio de la Plata; Republica Argentina, Confederacion Argentina, seran en adelante nombres oficiales indistintamente para la designacion del Gobierno y territorio de las provincias, empleandose las palabras "Nacion Argentina" en la formacion y sancion de las leyes."
"Article 35 .- The denominations successively adopted from 1810 to the present, namely: United Provinces of the Rio de la Plata, Argentine Republic, Argentine Confederation, shall henceforth be interchangeably official names to describe the Government and territory of the provinces, using the words "Argentine Nation" for the making and the enactment of laws."
. It was the main official designation of the Federal Republic between the enactment of the 1853 Constitution and its 1860 amendment, as well as the most common name by which the previous loose Confederation of Argentine Provinces was known during the Pacto Federal years.

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