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Argentine Anticommunist Alliance

The Argentine Anticommunist Alliance was a paramilitary active in Argentina during the mid-1970s, particularly active under Isabel Peron's rule (1974-1976). Initially associated with the Peronist right, the organisation was bitterly in conflict with the Peronist left. It later became linked to the military junta led by Jorge Rafael Videla (1976-1983) and played a prominent role in the "Dirty War". Despite its name, the AAA acted against a wide range of government opponents, not just communists.

The Triple A was organized by Jose Lopez Rega and Alberto Villar, deputy chief of the Argentine federal police, during the brief interim presidency of Raul Lastiri in 1973. Villar was killed along his wife in 1974, when a bomb was planted on his cabin cruiser in Tigre by members of the organization Montoneros. The foundational act of the movement is alleged to be an important Peronist meeting on October 1, 1973, attended by President Raul Lastiri, Interior Minister Benito Llambi, Social Welfare Minister Jose Lopez Rega, general secretary of the Presidency Jose Humberto Martiarena and various provincial governors Manuel Justo Gaggero, El general en su laberinto, Pagina/12, 19 February 2007.

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