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Argentine American

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Argentine Americans are raised and educated citizens of the United States although not all U.S born, from the southeast South American nation of Argentina.

Argentines are just one of over 20 Hispanic national groups Argentina being the largest Hispanic country located in South America. While other U.S. citizens or residents with national origins in any of the Hispanic countries of Latin America may be closely related to Spaniards in language and culture, Argentine Americans show as much Spanish as Italian influence, which is noticeable (for example) in the Rioplatense Spanish dialect of the natives of Buenos Aires and the southern littoral region. There are also other European influences like German, French, Polish and British.

Argentina, like the United States, is a melting pot of different nationalities. As a result, Argentines (just like Americans) don't take the nationality as an ethnicity, but they identify themselves with both, their nationality and their family's origins.

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