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Antonino Rocca

Antonino Rocca was an Italian-born Argentine professional wrestler. Rocca was a popular "Face," which is professional- wrestling's language for a hero-type or good-guy. In some cities with both Italian-American and especially Hispanic audiences, his following was exceptionally large and loyal.

He had a love for opera and was apparently described as having an excellent - if untrained - singing voice. Maestro Arturo Toscanini, a wrestling fan, was good friends with Rocca. Rocca's first name was and is frequently misspelled as "Antonio."

As a soccer and rugby-player when he moved to Argentina, before World War II, and an overall athlete, Rocca was known for his unique, acrobatic, off-the-ground, flying wrestling style, which he probably invented, wowing audiences with his dazzling aerial maneuvers. He was responsible for the revival of the New York City Metropolitan-Area territory in the late 1940s, which would eventually become part of the modern day World Wrestling Entertainment. Rocca became one of the most well-known wrestlers in America during the golden age of television. He also had a successful tag team career, forming a popular tandem with Miguel Perez. The two, along with their "heel" (villain) opponents. draw large crowds to Madison Square Garden on a regular basis. Rocca had an uninterrupted seven-year run of headlining or co-headlining every main-event at the Garden.

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