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Angel Borlenghi

Angel Borlenghi was an Argentine labor leader and politician closely associated with the Peronist movement.

This success arrived during a period of growing divisions in the CGT, however. As head of the largest sector within the CGT at the time, Borlenghi helped separate the more socialist sectors from the rest in 1936, leaving them to reconstitute the smaller USA union. Further contention led to Borlenghi's joining municipal workers' leader Francisco Perez Leiros into a "CGT Number 2," in 1942. The following June, however, conservative President Ramon Castillo was deposed in a nationalist coup d'etat. The removal of the mercantilist and politically fraudulent Castillo regime elicited initial, positive reactions from both CGTs, and Borlenghi engaged in policy discussions with Alberto Gilbert, the new Interior Minister . Gilbert, however, promptly allied the new regime with the less combative "CGT Number 1," ordering the dissolution of the CGT-2.Barroetavena, Mariano. Ideas, politica, economia y sociedad en la Argentina (1880-1955). Buenos Aires: Editorial Biblos, 2007.

Borlenghi, who was in Italy at the time of the coup, had his home ransacked by troops - an incident which destroyed a great volume of documentation pertaining to his role in Peronism. He remained among the less-well understood figures in the movement, despite being the second-most powerful. Rein, Raanan. The Second Line of Peronist Leadership.
University of Maryland Latin American Studies Center, 2000. Borlenghi never abandoned the idea of Peron's return to power, and in early 1961, he held informal discussions with Che Guevara on the possibility of an alliance between Fidel Castro's new regime and the Peronist movement. Dolgoff, Sam. The Cuban Revolution: A Critical Perspective Borlenghi died suddenly in Italy in 1962, at age 58. Rio Negro Online

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