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Alma y Vida

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Alma y Vida were an important musical group in Argentina during the first half of the 1970s. Composed of jazz musicians that turned to rock music in the late 60s (Carlos Mellino was a member of The Seasons), while other future members were regular visitors at the historic "La Cueva" club, Alma y Vida were pioneers in Argentina of jazz-rock in the vein of Blood, Sweat & Tears, group whose music influenced the band's formative sound.

Once they settled on a style, Alma y Vida recorded their debut single: "Nino de color carino" b/w "He comprendido", for the Mandioca label. Soon after, Gustavo Moretto replaced Mario Salvador on the horns, which would in hindsight be an important development. Alma y Vida then proceeded to sign with RCA to release their first self-titled album.

Alma y Vida was to be influenced by the huge success of Chicago's similar music proposal. 1971's homonymous debut featured hit songs "Mujer, gracias por tu llanto", "Veinte monedas" (with superb guitar) and "Lagrima de ciudad".

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