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Alberto Migre (1931-09-12 2006-03-10) was an Argentine TV screenwriter and producer, specialized on telenovelas. He was born in the barrio of Almagro, Buenos Aires, under the name of Felipe Alberto Milletari.

Migre started off working in radio stations, with the idea of eventually becoming an actor, although he himself acknowledged that his voice was not good for the microphone. He wrote some scripts for a children's programme and ended up in charge of sound in a radionovela starring Chela Ruiz and Horacio Delfino. He was commended by Ruiz and put in charge of writing some major programmes, such as Revista juvenil argentina (1948). Then he moved on to television.

Starting in 1972, Migre created major hits, such as Rolando Rivas, taxista, Piel Naranja and Pobre Diabla. He also contributed with some Brazilian series. In 1974 he wrote the script for the cinema version of Rolando Rivas, taxista.

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