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ARA Almirante Domecq Garcia (D23)

The 'ARA Almirante Domecq Garcia (D23)'''was a Fletcherclass destroyer which served with the Argentine Navy from 1971 to 1983.

The Garciawas acquired from the United States Navy, with which she had served as the USS Brainesince her commissioning on 11 May 1943. She participated both in World War II and the Cold War for the United States.

The Argentine Navy took possession of ex-Braineon 17 August 1971, and renamed her 'ARA Almirante Domecq Garcia (D23)''', after Admiral Manuel Domecq Garcia. She was commissioned at Treasure Island, California, in a ceremony attended by Admiral Garcias daughter, Mrs. Eugenia Domecq Garcia de Forn. Commander Mario Eduaro Olmas assumed command and raised the flag of the Republic of Argentina.

After minor repairs, the ship left California in October 1971, reaching El Callao in November. She arrived at the Naval Base of Puerto Belgrano and joined the sea fleet on 21 November 1971.

On 30 November 1982 the ship's flag was lowered. She had sailed 123,000 miles under the flag of the Republic of Argentina. She was sunk as a target on 7 October 1983 by the combined action of an Exocet MM-38 missile launched by the corvette ARA Drummond and a torpedo from the submarine ARA San Luis.

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